By: Malik Ahmad Jalal

Chile’s growth in 1990s and 2000s exceeded Latin American peers

The reform scorecard looks dismal. Thirty months into the PTI government, police, electoral or governance reforms are floundering. From convicting the corrupt to controlling circular debt, there is little progress. Tax and spend initiatives like Ehsaas are performing well, but so did the Nai Roshni and…

Ideas to Transform Pakistan — Malik Ahmad Jalal

How Private Corporations Helped Enhance the Power of the British Empire

William Dalrymple’s review of the most valuable corporate entity ever — the mighty East India Company (EIC) — is brilliantly insightful. It has many timeless lessons for management and history enthusiasts, particularly as to the role of enterprises in the rise of the British Empire.

This is a most profound…

By: Malik Ahmad Jalal

All states are ruled by elites. Historically, prestige and power of ruling dynasties were tied to success of their empires. Triumph in war, diplomacy or economy brought more bounty and hold over power. Failure meant slavery, destruction, and wiping out of the dynasty. This alignment of…

By: Dr Nadeem ul Haq and Malik Ahmad Jalal

In 1215 A.D, King John of England signed the Magna Carta (“The Great Charter”) — a historic power-sharing arrangement with a group of rebel barons. Its philosophy is enshrined in the British legal system, as well as the American Constitution.

By: Malik Ahmad Jalal

The rise of empires and nations throughout history has followed the rise of their cities. The cities became cultural, economic, political and social centers attracting citizens, ideas, inventions which reinforced the economic and political strength of these empires.

It is impossible to imagine the Ottoman Empire…

Dr Nadeem ul Haq & Malik Ahmad Jalal

Our Public sector enterprises are bleeding cash at a rate of c. PKR 1.5 trillion a year! In energy sector alone, we have lost PKR 5.5 trillion. Foreign investment contracts are bungled — Reko Diq and Karkey arbitrations alone resulted in a…

Pakistan’s National Command & Operations Center (NCOC)

By: Dr Nadeem Ul Haq and Malik Ahmad Jalal

Andy Grove, Founder of Intel, coined the fundamental management principle to navigate the exponential and unpredictable dynamics of the semi-conductor sector, “Only the Paranoid Survive”. Semiconductor market grew 22 times in the two decades since 1975, or the market doubled every…

Malik Ahmad Jalal

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