Delivering “Tabdeeli”: Converting a Change Vision to Reality

  • The three Specialist Councils/Committees comprise of respective and relevant special assistants, departmental ministers, government officials and can call upon from a pool of technocratic private and public sector officials for their expert input
  • These are smaller units, with more focused, specialist and relevant technocratic expertise than the full Cabinet for sharper policy analysis, strategy development and filtering the recommendations
  • Only after the Council’s analysis and recommendations, the options are put forth to the Federal Cabinet for final deliberation, iteration and approval
  • The Special Assistants are not involved in execution, which remains the domain of Ministers, but rather act as the thinkers, refiners, coordinators and enforcers of the Prime Minister’s vision and the Federal Cabinets decisions in their respective areas.
  • Their proximity with the Prime Minister and engagement in the Council gives them the holistic overview, context for driving implementation across their respective ministries
  • Critical functions such as talent acquisition, management/retention and project management is undertaken through the Special Assistants, and so they must have the requisite political or technocratic abilities.
  • The Cabinet Secretary, as the administrative head of the Civil Service, is part of the core team to ensure that the change agenda is executed through the civil service, in accordance with the vision
President Ronald Reagan with his Counselors — Jim Baker and Edwin Meese on the left



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Malik Ahmad Jalal

Malik Ahmad Jalal

At cross roads of private equity and social entrepreneurship @Kennedy_School Emerging Leader, @LSEalumni, @EF_Fellows #Healthcare #SocialEnterprise #ImpInv